Date: August 21, 2017

Location: Madras, Oregon

Camera: iPhone 7, held steadily to the eyepiece of my telescope by hand

Telescope: Orion SkyQuest XT8

Eyepiece: Orion 32mM Q70

Image Processing: Minor tweaks in brightness, contrast, vibrance, and sharpness

I took this picture in the moment of totality during the Great American Solar Eclipse. Part of the majesty of witnessing a total solar eclipse lies in the process of uncovering through covering. As with a magicians sleight of hand, we are treated with a thrilling surprise when occultation reaches its climax. Only when the sun is fully eclipsed, are some of its most beautiful features revealed, such as its corona (the sun’s upper atmosphere, the wreathe of light pictured) and its solar flares (appear as purple mushrooms sprouting from the surface of the moon). This website is my own uncovering of sorts. By organizing the various projects I enjoy working on (from music to furniture), I can share a repository of creative works with myself, family, and friends.