Dreaming Lucidly

A total solar eclipse illuminates through concealment. With wondrous sleight of hand, nature treats us with a surprise as the march of occultation reaches its climax. We stare in childlike wonder as the sun’s most beautiful features suddenly emerge from behind the veil of the moon - the corona (upper atmosphere, the wreathe of light pictured) and solar flares (the purple mushrooms sprouting from the surface of the moon). This website is my own uncovering of sorts and will display the various projects I enjoy working on.

On another level, this picture serves as an important reminder for me. Although it is a fairly faithful representation of what I saw through my telescope, the view by the naked eye - the raw experience - was far more spectacular. I have never seen the vibrancy of the colors and textures seen during those precious moments of totality accurately captured. I must admit, spending even a brief amount of time taking this picture was somewhat of a distraction from the complete involvement in that moment. In a similar manner, I am far more drawn to the experience of working on projects than to recording them. I will therefore be taking a leisurely approach to updating this website. Thank you for visiting.